Having Fun With A Radio Control Car

rc carCars are usually controlled by various means, for instance, radio controlled cars (RC) are self-powered model cars that are controlled from a distance using specialized radio transmitters (controllers). Basically, they can be described as vehicles controlled by a radio frequency link. There is a huge difference between radio-controlled and remote-controlled toys, for instance, a remote-controlled toy car has a wire connecting the controller and the car, while a radio control car is at all times wireless.

How radio-controlled cars work

There are four basic components of radio or remote controlled cars; the transmitter, receiver, circuit board, and the power source. The transmitter you hold in your hands sends a radio signal to the receiver, which is then amplified by the circuit board inside the car. The circuit board activates the motors inside the car to turn the wheels and steer the car based on the commands from the controller. Most full-function controllers have at least six controls, such as forward, reverse, forward and left, forward and right, reverse and left, and reverse and right.

There are many different models and brands of these cars in the market nowadays, and no matter the overwhelming number of available, it is always very essential to ensure that you avoid making a bad buy. Do you want a car that’s reliable, fast and durable? There are certain things that every potential buyer is ought to know before purchasing an RC car since it is an expensive purchase, and it’s pretty obvious that you wouldn’t want to regret later on.

Power source

This is definitely one of the most powerful considerations you should always make before deciding on the best buy. An electric radio controlled car is powered by small but powerful electric motors and rechargeable nickel-cadmium or lithium polymer cells, and are considered to be much easier for a novice to work with compared to the exceptionally large models powered by small gasoline engines, introduced recently. However, some electric models can be equally as complex at relatively higher budgets and skill levels. Actually, it is important to point out that power source plays a prominent role when it comes to picking age-appropriate radio control toys.

Operating frequency

Most radio control toys operate at either 27MHz or 49MHz, but you must ensure that the allocated frequency for the RC of your choice is clearly stated on the package. In fact, it is beneficial to note that the operating frequency of a RC is a very vital consideration when it comes to purchasing multiple radio control toy cars for two or more people. Basically, for two or more people to operate their radio control cars together, each vehicle must operate on a separate frequency, band or channel.

Accessories and upgrades

It is no secret that all radio-controlled car models require one to purchase additional accessories and upgrades. For instance, battery packs and a recommended charger are needed for an electric RC to operate more efficiently, but are seldom included. Also, to build high-performance battery packs or install upgraded electronics with low-resistance connectors to your car, a soldering iron and supplies are often necessary. In the case of gasoline-powered radio controlled vehicles, a battery pack for the receiver and means to start the engine are the most important accessories.

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